Let us indulge you a little with the full boutique bridal experience.  Simply book an appointment and let us help you find The One.

While Saturdays and evening appointments can fill up quickly, we can normally fit you in somewhere with a little creative thinking - one of our special skills.

You can try on dresses from a range often described as the best collection of wedding dresses in Northants.

Then you can order a dress to be made just for you, or choose from our off-the-peg collection of top designer-label wedding dresses.

bridal appointment clock

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will last 90 minutes.  Please try to arrive on time, as we cannot normally over-run because we have other brides waiting for their special appointment, too.

During your appointment, we'll discuss your wedding dress needs, and work together through our collection to help you try out your favourites.

We might also surprise you with a few dress suggestions you might not have previously considered.  It's surprising how many girls go 'Wow!' when they try something they had thought wasn't for them.

We will advise you on the fit of them, the options available and hopefully help you find ‘the one’.

We will assist you into the dresses so that they look their very best on you.

You might want to bring a strapless bra and some shoes of about the height you think you will want to wear with your wedding dress.

You’ve Found ‘The One’

You are welcome to place your order during your first appointment, if you know you've found your perfect bridal gown.

But sometimes, we know that you need to take a step back and reflect on your choice for a day or two, too.  That's fine with us - what matters is that you find the dress that makes you want to say, "I feel so pretty in this dress".

You can rebook to come in and retry your favourite, perhaps accessorise and have your measurements taken.

A Reminder About Make-Up & Spray Tans...

Wedding dresses are a variety of shades of white.  Spray tans are various shades of orange and brown, while make-up comes in all kinds of colours.  None of these look good when they rub off onto our gowns!

So, we would respectfully suggest that you keep your make-up light when you come for your appointment and fittings.

And if you're planning a spray tan, perhaps have it done after you've chosen your gown.

Thank you!